At Tyson's we recommend you get your Comfort System checked for proper operation every year.  A poorly operating system can cost you more than our inspections.Unit safety and efficiency are the main goals of our Maintenance Agreements.  We also want to catch any issues or problems before you need it most in the dead of winter or summer.  We do give priority service to our Agreement customers, so if you should have a break down during the season after an inspection has been done, you will not pay a service call fee.  We feel confident in our ability to thoroughly check your system and know whether it’s capable of being reliable through the season.  Plus by having an agreement you will get discounted parts (10%), repairs and new equipment (5%) when the time comes.


Service Agreements start as low as $60 per unit per year.  That's $120 for a standard system (heating & cooling) per year.  More complex systems or houses with multi-zone systems are extra.  Please call for details.  Filters can be included or customer supplied.  Humidifiers need yearly maintenance at the heating season. The most common humidifiers add $35.