Some of the best energy savings tips are the simplest.
















Got Dampers?  In multi-level homes or townhomes with single zone forced air heating and cooling systems it is very important to adjust duct work dampers to push air to where it belongs.  For instance: cold air is dense and settles, and hot air is less dense and rises, so you want to push cool air upstairs as much as possible and push the heat downstairs.  If you system is equipped with duct work dampers they must be adjusted each season for total comfort.


Windows are great for bringing light into your home, but they also let in the cold or heat depending on the season.  It's a good idea to keep shades closed in the summer.  Sometimes windows can bring the suns warmth into your home in the winter on south facing windows.  Use common sense to determine whether or not to close the blinds for energy efficiency.












Programmable thermostats are great for lower operating costs.  They can be used to set the temperature up or down while your home is unoccupied.  The thermostat will bring the temperature back to where you want at anytime.  Vacation settings are also great and can be set for any amount of days.  Be careful not to set the temperature difference too high.  We never recommend more than 4-6 degrees.  Turning your system off while gone is to be cautioned as well.


Humidifiers can really help reduce your energy usage.  Humid air feels warmer than dry air because of evaporative cooling.  Dry air will remove humidity from your skin and make you feel colder.  Electric or gas forced air heat dries the air, and can lower the humidity in your home to as low as 15%-20%. By adding a humidifier you also set your heating thermostat lower.  Not to mention it's good to keep your house from drying out if you have a lot of fine wood furniture.


 Attic fans can make your air conditioning system run harder if they are oversized.  It is very important to install the correct size attic fan, otherwise the fans can actually pull a vacuum on your home pulling outside air in.


Regular service to your heating and cooling system can keep the units operating at peak efficiency.  It's important to catch an issue before a breakdown happens, so that you're not left without you comfort system when you need it the most.

















Whether you are replacing your comfort system or not, media style air filters are a great addition to any system.  Their design allows them to trap 97% of pollen sized particles.  We use them in our home, and with once a year replacement why wouldn't everyone.